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Oh Gosh how to start with these two AMAAAAZING people?!? I know Karol & Gabriel since 2013/2014 when I started in photography. Captured some awesome images of they engagement session, then their wedding, after I did some fitness photos, then the ADORABLE pregnancy of Baby Martin 9he’s now almost 3yo), now expecting this gorgeous princess; […]

Karol + Gabriel Expecting Baby Miranda


Feb 24
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These two are down to earth, kind hearted, thoughtful and as genuine as you can possibly get. Their family and friends adore them, and the look in their eyes when being together all day was something pretty magical to witness. Since Joshua is from Australia, his family couldn’t be present (COVID-19 =/ ), but they […]


Robin + Josh | The Wellborn

Feb 9
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Morgan and Chris are such a cute couple that I had a pleasure to meet, they’re super fun to work with and very in love to each other. They wanted to make sure we included their ADORABLE pup Phin a black lab mix and added some Disney theme to their session, since they’re huge fan […]

Morgan + Chris | Engagement Session


Jan 25
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Kristy and Taylor met at Joes Crab Shack in Jacksonville Beach, stayed friends for a while, but they knew they were meant to be together. Their wedding supposed to be in Grenada, and then COVID happened. So, they kept the same date in a different beach, Melbourne Beach. It was a BEAUTIFUL DAY! Fun, relaxed, […]


Kristy + Taylor | Melbourne Beach

Dec 24